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In this life we are surrounded with huge quantity of the things created in order to decorate and diversify our working days and holidays. Many of these things bring not only advantages, but also some harm. But music is the art created by the nature. It is something incomprehensible up to the end. During the whole history of mankind in souls and lives of people there were changes, tragedies were played, storms ceased and then came a bringing of piece. And it's often happened and happens because of music.
The influence of music is universal and so it can be successfully used as a bridge breaking various social and national barriers. Music serves as an emotional escape for people who have problems in expressing themselves in words. It's scientifically proved that music reduces rapid heart-beat, high blood pressure, insomnia and depression. It is also used in cancer treatment to reduce the pain, nausea and anxiety caused by chemotherapy.
There are different ways to listen to the sounds that flow into your heart and make you feel better. One of the most common consumer electronics devices nowadays are portable CD players that can decode and play MP3 audio files stored on CDs. Due to its large memory, compact size and solid-state technology portable mp3/mp4 players are so popular among portable music systems.
Mp3 players have a lot of advantages. Unlike other portable music players most portable mp3 players feature storage systems have no moving parts. It's very convenient for going-outs, working outside while your hands are busy. Portable mp3 players have an advantage over CD players in the amount of data they can hold. Even the cheapest portable mp3 player can carry around 4 hours' worth of music.
Mp4 format was introduced after that of mp3 and has some advantages over it. Mp4 audio-video format allows video capability, so that you can watch TV shows, movies and music videos along with mp3 songs. Later to mp4 players were added such features as internet browser capability, email, fm tuner, voice recorder and other.
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